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UE4 Looking Glass Plugin Documentation

The HoloPlay Plugin for UE4 allows you to see, play, and interact with your digital creations in 3D within Unreal Engine.

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  • Displays 3D Unreal Engine content in the Looking Glass
  • Manages quilts, which is a texture format that helps you integrate lightfield data from other sources


  • Unreal Engine 4.21 or 4.22
  • Most recent version of Visual Studio 2017
  • HoloPlay UnrealSDK Plugin


The Holoplay Plugin for UE4 comes as 3 separate plugins

  1. SDL - reads input from device
  2. Joystick - receives input from SDL and create keys in UE4
  3. HoloPlay - manages rendering and editor features
    • HoloPlay Editor - contains custom button functionality and styling
    • HoloPlay Runtime - contains 3D rendering and engine runtime logic

You can find a more detailed description of file structure.

Design Guidelines

Building experiences for the Looking Glass can be challenging because it's such a new medium. To make sure your demos really pop, take a look at our Design Guidelines.

Share what you’ve made!

If you would like to share something interesting you’ve made, please submit your builds to